C.V. of  Dipl.-Ing.Tamás Szabó


Born: May 18, 1944 in Budapest,  Hungary
Citizen and permanent resident in Germany since 1980
Family status: married, three children 


D - 82194 Gröbenzell / München

e-mail: dbforum@online.de
Telephone: +49-8142-570-444   


TU Dresden, Germany, Elektrotechnik, 1962 -1968, Dipl.-Ing.

Languages     Hungarian, German, English

Award        First Prize at Software-86 Budapest – Database Software dAccess III

Professional experience

  • Software development experience since 1969,
  • independent software consultant since 1982,
  • 3 years manager of a software development group in a Software House, in Munich, Germany, systems programming, teleprocessing monitor, compiler runtime systems
  • 3 years manager of the department software and systems development in Frankfurt, Germany, Banking- and Finance-Applications, Systems Integrator Company (Deutsche Bank, Girozentrale Wien, CIC Paris, NOLA Hannover, ByLB Munich)
  • 2 years director Product Planing, Research Institute, Hungarian Academy of Sciences in Munich and Budapest -  april 2004 - march 2006

„The designer of a  system must participate fully in the implementation. If  I  had not participated fully in all these activities, literally hundreds of improvements would never have been made, because I would never have thought of them or perceived why they were important.“  Donald E. Knuth

Fields of experience

  • Application development in Engineering and Finance
  • Production Planning and Scheduling
  • Computer-Aided Software Engineering
  • Database development and modelling
  • Data mining
  • Filtering software
  • Quality Assurance in Software Engineering     

Projects 1999 – 2006               

1999-2001    IBM Germany /Munich    

Database Architect, Project Manager, Database development in C++/Cobol, using ERWin modelling tool with IBM-DB2 database.
Major objectives: Source code analysis, Quality assurance, over 1 million lines of code in C++, COBOL, PL/I, SQL, DB2 performance analysis, access optimization, Repository for the whole project, version control, configuration management 

2001-2002   Bayerische Landesbank Germany/Munich  

Quality assurance: extracting XML-modelling data and statistics from 10 years development, based on over 80 medium to large IBM-DB2 projects, containing more than 18 million lines of code in PL/I and SQL.
Intranet repository implementation for all data models, Intranet content management.
Introduction of UML with Rational Rose, updating the host data dictionary, improving the QA process. Reverse engineering the DB2 tables of the core components (credits, accounts, contracts, security, etc.).
Introduction of a new data model based on IBM Financial Services and SIZ Savings information model.      

2003-2004  BMW Gemany /Munich   

Application development
for the production control, improvements in the car and motorbike retailer net management. Major components created in MQ – Series, PL/I, IMS, IBM-DB2.      

2003-2004  IBM / Rational XDE Gemany /Munich   

Product Evaluation: Reverse Engineering of Reference models on IBM Financial DM, Financial Details on IBM FSDM - Financial Services Data Model, C-Level Extended Entity-Relationship-Diagramm (600 Entity types, 1300 Attributes, 950 Relations, Data model with 77.000 LOC)      

2004-2006    MTA-SZTAKI Hungary /Budapest and Germany /Munich 
Director of Product Planing
- Research Institute, Hungarian Academy of Sciences
New methods, technologies which provide competitive advantages in the field of consulting, system planning and integration. Co-operating in projects of European scale and in Germany.